Why SAAT Healthcare?

Trusted & Authorised

SAAT Healthcare only use technologies and innovations that are used and trusted by 24/7 Medical facilities!

User friendly & Easy to use

SAAT's design and provide products that focus on a user first position to ensure complex tests and metrics are fun and easy to use.

Innovation Specialists

SAAT Continually push the boundaries of innovation within the healthcare industry. The SAAT Team are well known, renowned and award-winning medical innovators.

Innovation Specialists

Our products help you close the gap between doctor & patient connections, enabling you to provide accurate and intelligent data to your GP.

  • Monitoring Sleep Quality

    Sleep with Peace of Mind

    Medical-grade Oxygen Monitor Vibrates Silently When Low Oxygen Levels or Abnormal Heart Rates are Detected.

  • Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea.

    Track your blood oxygen levels continuously at night. Measure and record your blood oxygen saturation, heart rates and body motions every second with accuracy, to assist identifying sleep Apnoea events.



  • Be proactive with your asthma

    Experience less exacerbations as you’ll always be prepared with your accurate data on your condition.

    Class 2a medically certified device.

  • Always accurate during strenuous exercise.

    An ECG holter recorder that can be used anytime and anywhere, compact, and easy to carry, suitable for use during sports and work.

  • Fast, accurate & non-contact body temperature measurement.

    This Smart Forehead & Ear Infrared Thermometer is able to instantly deliver reliable readings of body temperature. It can be used as a personal temperature checker in home, a medical device in hospital or a batch screening solution for disease control and prevention to protect employees.


    Track blood oxygen level with SAAT Products!


    Monitor your heart rate and have alarms notify you of heart and oxygen-based events!
    Fully control your health monitoring and store the data to show your GP, putting you in full control of YOUR Health!

    Portable Mesh Nebulizer


    Portable Mesh Nebulizer is your best partner for home nebulizer therapy. Effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection. Producing atomized particles less than 5μm, which delivered directly to the affected area. Light and portable, atomize anytime and anywhere. Essential for home and travel.

    ECG Holter Monitor


    An ECG Holter recorder can be used anytime and anywhere, compact and easy to carry, suitable for use during sports and work. Medical-grade accuracy Strap-free, vibration alarm for high heart rate.