What is Cardiac Health?
What are the Risks
How SAAT Healthcare can help?

What is Cardiac Health?

The heart is an ever working muscle that can beat on an average of 2.5 billion times during a lifetime! The heart is responsible for pushing blood to every part of the body no matter how small, so we could consider this our bodies engine and if the heart stops we stop!! Based on this is imperative we service our heart like we would a luxury car and SAAT Healthcare aims to help you on your heart health journey.


AFib is a relatively common issue with heart rhythm (arrhythmia) and largely increases the risk of strokes due to blood clotting. This is also one of the most preventable issues as it is directly linked with diet, weight and lifestyle choices. Increased exercise under a sensible regime along with a healthy diet can greatly reduce the incidence of AFib up to 50%


CVD is a blanket for multiple conditions that affect the heart or circulation. CVD can cover topics such as increased blood pressure, strokes and vascular dementia. Poor heart health can lead to narrowing of blood vessels or complete blockage of the main vessels that supply the heart or other organs with vital blood. The consequences of this can be Heart Attack, Angina or Strokes!

What are the Symptoms of CVD?

Symptoms can vary depending on the type of condition a person has for example Type 2 diabetes, hypertension etc. The predominant symptoms of a CVD event can be: “Chest Pain” “Pain, numbness or weakness of legs or arms”, “Breathlessness”, “Heart palpitations or rushing heartbeat”, “Fainting or dizzyness”, “Fatigue”, “Swollen Limbs”

Syptoms of a Heart Attack

Reduce Risk of a Heart Attack


is known to begin reducing heart rate to a normal level within 20 minutes of not smoking as a single cigarette can increase the heart rhythm up to 20 beats per minute! After 1 year of stopping smoking the risk of a heart attack is half that of a smoker!


Stress in itself is not a primary cause of CVD but it has been linked to habits such as smoking, over-eating, alcohol abuse amongst many other bad lifestyle habits. Therefore reducing your stress levels and engaging in more excercise routines greatly increases your heart health!


Alcohol has been linked to variations of CVD and high blood pressure which causes stress on the heart as a muscle and lead to many other diseases that can impact the core function of a heart. Over consumption of Alcohol is also a leading contributer of weight gain and lowers the motivation to eat well and excercise.

How SAAT Healthcare can help!

Our technology can assist you with monitoring your blood pressure, cardiac rate and arrhythmia events to provide accurate information for your GP.