Holter Monitor


Visual-Beat Single-lead ECG Holter Monitor

An ECG Holter recorder that can be used anytime and anywhere, compact, and easy to carry, suitable for use during sports and work.

Track and Guard Your Heart

Medical-grade accuracy
Strap-free, no constrain to the chest
Vibration alarm for high heart rate

Strap-free, comfortable, and stable wearing

Wearing with the electrode patches, like wearing nothing. Always accurate during strenuous exercise.

Medical-grade accuracy at high-intensity exercise

Based on electrocardiography (ECG), electrical signals produced by heart activity. It’s a ‘Gold Standard’ used for monitoring cardio activity.

Measuring heart rate is just a piece of cake. Support continuous monitoring up to 24 hours.





Product Information

Make Your Workouts Twice as Effective

Every heartbeat during your workouts matters.

We are ready to help boost your active life, address your demands of heart performance and training management.

Train in Standalone Mode

Wearing with the electrode patches, comfortable and stable. Special flexible material to perfectly fit your body. Even more accurate than a traditional heart rate monitor.


Don’t wanna carry your phone when exercising?

Just wear VisualBeat™, leave your phone waiting and get going. Data will be automatically synced when connecting the mobile APP.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Bluetooth Connection

Connect VisualBeat™ to the free APP via Bluetooth, get real-time HR & EKG monitoring.

ANT+ Connection

Connect VisualBeat™ to your ANT+ compatible devices or equipment such as Garmin smartwatch, check your heart data anytime and anywhere even without a smartphone!

How Visualbeat™ Keep You Healthy

Always focuses on your health and fitness, VisualBeat™ delivers the medically accurate data you would expect.

Continuous real-time heart rate tracking up to 24 hours achieves all-day monitoring. The device automatically transmits pro heart trace to your mobile APP and reminds in vibration for high heart rate, preventing irregular heartbeat problems (e.g., arrhythmia, heart pause, tachycardia & bradycardia, and premature ventricular contraction, etc.). EKG recording in APP provides expanded insights.

  • Designed for sports
  • Two wearing modes with a chest strap or electrodes
  • 30s~24h heart rate monitoring
  • 30s~30min ECG recording
  • User-defined alarm triggered by High-Low heart rate level
  • View and record real-time ECG on App
  • Compatible with GARMIN watch
  • Medically Accurate
  • Heart Rate & EKG
  • Vibration Heart Rate Alert
  • Built-in Memory
  • Bluetooth & ANT+ Connectivity

Up to 24 hours of heart rate monitoring, 30 minutes of ECG recording, long time recording suitable for sportspeople.

Ant+ Connection: Can be connected with Ant+ compatible devices, such as GARMIN watch; Can check the user’s heart data at any time without a smartphone.

Heart rate

  • Automatically monitor, record, and save

in device & APP

  • Up to 10 sessions every 30 hours
  • Up to 24 hours for each session


  • Automatically monitor in device & APP
  • Manually record and save in APP
  • 30 seconds ~ 30 minutes for each session

Box Contents

  • VisualBeat Heart Rate Monitor
  • Chest Strap
  • Charging Cable
  • Quick Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • 14 pcs Disposable ECG/EKG Electrodes Patches

Additional Information

Why Choose VisualBeat™ Heart Rate Monitor?

We redesigned the heart rate monitor, to overcome the flaws of the existing ones in the market.

Real-time HR & EKG Tracking

VisualBeat™ continuous tracking your heart rate up to 24 hours. Connect to the free APP via Bluetooth, get real-time HR & EKG monitoring with a dynamic intuitive display.

More than the heart rate.

EKG data delivers deeper insights into your heart's electrical activity.

Vibration Alarm for Heart Rate, this device works independently. The built-in vibration helps you get the best exercise results.

Optimal Training Heart Rate 

It vibrates every 10s when the heart rate exceeds the HR Target 1.

Safe Heart Rate Target

It vibrates every 2s when the heart rate exceeds the HR Target 2 and reminds you to maintain a healthy and safe heart rhythm.

  • Adjust the Targets or turn off/on the vibration in App Settings.
  • Review and Share the History Records
  • Historical heart rhythm data is automatically synced to your mobile APP.

Check and share the history tracking records for further analysis in heart health trends & training optimisation.


Super battery life. One charge can support operation for up to 48 hours.

Stay Motivated, Stay Powerful

  • Understand your heart.
  • Arrange healthy workouts.
  • Avoid cardiac dangers.

A powerful heart runs your day.

Product Specification




0.63 oz / 18g (main unit)




3.94'' x 0.91'' x 0.33'' (main unit)








Bluetooth 5.0, compatible with 4.0




Up to 10 sessions / 30 hours, up to 24 hours for each session

Overwritten by new data when it’s full




Up to 30 minutes for each session




30 BPM ~ 250 BPM (BPM: beat per minute)




iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s/iPad 3 or above

Android 6.0 or above

With Bluetooth 4.0 BLE or above




Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery,

48 hours for typical use.




2-3 hours