Smart Peak Flow Wireless


Be proactive with your asthma!

Experience fewer exacerbations as you’ll always be prepared with accurate data on your condition.

Class 2a medically certified device.

  • Simple one second blow
  • Measurements include PEF and FEV1 results
  • Highly accurate
  • No calibration required
  • Instant display of results via the LCD digital display
  • reusable
  • differential pressure transducer
  • Suitable for people with respiratory symptoms, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), smokers, athletes and sports lovers.


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Product Information

A peak flow meter that helps you manage asthma anywhere

The Smart Peak Flow is a revolutionary asthma peak flow meter. Connect the digital device to your smartphone or tablet and perform a measurement, at home or on the go.

Your asthma made easy.

This device turns your phone into your own personal asthma assistant. It helps you self-manage your asthma, making sure you get better, have less exacerbations and always know where you stand with your condition.

Revolutionary digital peak flow meter

Experience the comfort of a digital peak flow meter with the revolutionary Smart Peak Flow! It has scientifically been proven that the Smart Peak Flow guarantees more accurate measurements than mechanical peak flow meters 1. Use the device with the app and connect it to your smartphone or tablet. The app processes your results and automatically records them. This will save you a lot of time daily. Thanks to its compact size, you can take the Smart Peak Flow with you wherever you go.


Product Features

  • All readings automatically charted
  • Check yourself any time anywhere
  • Explanation of all your readings
  • Direct sharing with your doctor
  • Free App available on all phones with Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0
  • Helps you to perform an accurate peak flow measurement and to monitor your asthma
  • Helps you to predict asthma attacks up to 7 days ahead
  • Displays your predicted lung function for the next day
  • Free app that records your peak flow results automatically
  • Handy, compact, and ultra-lightweight

Additional Information

Asthma Control in Your Pocket

  • High accuracy: Adopt pressure differential principle, excellent structure design, high accuracy and good repeatability, further calibration is not necessary.
  • Track your lungs function at home.
  • Design for single person use to avoid cross-infection.
  • Self-manage your condition to prevent an acute attack and unnecessary hospital visits.
  • Suitable for all ages above 4+.

The Gold Standard in-home asthma management

Peak flow monitoring is recognized as the gold standard in asthma management. Keeping accurate peak flow records manually has proven to be difficult, if not impossible. With Smart Peak Flow’s automatic recording and visual charting, users and healthcare professionals can finally say goodbye to unreliable data and paper charts.

Smart Peak Flow has simplified asthma home care by bringing it directly into the hands of patients across the world. This small device guarantees more accurate peak flow measurements than mechanical peak flow meters.

Smart technology that fits in the palm of your hand

While the ergonomic and lightweight design makes Smart Peak Flow comfortable to hold and easy to carry around, the user-friendly interface of the app makes it remarkably easy and intuitive to use.

Predicting future asthma attacks

The Smart Peak Flow is a very useful device that allows you to gain insight into your lung capacity for the next day. If you also fill in how often you use your inhalator, the app will be able to predict asthma attacks. Are you going to measure your peak flow? Take a deep breath and blow powerfully into the mouthpiece. It is the speed and force of your exhaled breath that counts, not the length of it. After blowing, the peak expiratory flow (PEF) appears in litres per minute. You will also see how this result relates to your "Personal Best", the best value you have blown up to that point. The app asks you to perform three blows and will save the highest of those values as the result. Depending on your result, the "traffic light" will be green (asthma under control), amber (caution) or red (medical emergency).

Monitoring your lung function over a longer period

The app automatically saves your daily results. This helps you to monitor your lung function over a longer period: weekly, quarterly, or annually. Would you like to perform a peak flow measurement on different locations and compare the results (at home, at work, during exercise…)? Then give the app access to your location.

5 tips and tricks

  1. Put your lips around the mouthpiece and place it past the teeth.
  2. Always stand upright when measuring your peak flow.
  3. Use the Smart Peak Flow in a room with ample sunlight or artificial light. The peak flow meter needs sufficient light to be able to perform an accurate measurement.
  4. Clean the Smart Peak Flow and the mouthpiece with warm water and Pürdoux soap. It shouldn’t be cleaned with normal soap. Dry with a soft cloth.
  5. Never lend your Smart Peak flow to another person because of the risk of cross-contamination.