What is Sleep Medicine?
How Sleep Issues affect health?
How SAAT Healthcare can help?

What is Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine specialises in the management and diagnosis of sleep disturbances and disorders and aims to look at are key stages of state.

Photo of sleeping man


Rapid Eye Movement sleep, at this stage our brain activity increases much similar to being awake; we now experience memories, intentions feelings into what we call a dream. During this stage, our eyes move rapidly as our brains process the information in an illogical manner hence why our dreams appear unrealistic at times.

Rapid Brainwaves displaying full cognitive function and the ability to absorb sensory data from our surrounding environments.

Deep non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. The brainwaves seen during this state can appear to be up to 10 times slower than our woken state and we refrain from absorbing sensory data from our environment and are now in a state of relaxation.

Physical and psychiatric symptoms for lack of sleep

INSOMNIA is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, to include:

Difficulty falling asleep
Lying awake at night
Waking up and unable to go back to sleep
Tired and irritable during the day
Unable to nap when tired

Sleep related disorders that can occur during REM sleep or NREM sleep include:

Confusion Arousals
Sleep Walking
Sleep Terrors
Bed Wetting


Is an overwhelming urge to move your legs. 
You might also have strange sensations in your legs,
at bedtime this can prevent sleep.
This can cause aching or pain in the legs
further exaggerating difficulties with sleeping!

How to Diagnose Sleep Problems?

Using the O2 ring from SAAT Healthcare can help you monitor your sleep and aid your mental wellbeing...

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